Spiders and Log Homes

We all love the warm, inviting feel of a log home. Unfortunately, so do spiders. Many cabin owners report seeing lots of spiders living in their logs and even egg sacs on the exterior walls. The best way to treat this is to not panic, but address several underlying issues that will make your cabin less inviting to them.

Sweep Your Logs Clean of Spiders

The first step is to sweep your logs using an ordinary broom. This will remove the spiders and their egg sacs and discourage them from returning.

An alternative to sweeping is to use a hose to wash them off the cabin logs. This makes it easier to reach the higher portions of the logs instead of using a broom. A pressure washer makes for quick work, but be careful not to point it directly at the logs as it can easily strip off finishes and damage the underlying wood.

Daddy Long Legs spider

Seal Cracks and Gaps

You need to seal up any openings that allow spiders to get inside your cabin. This means using a log caulk like Sashco to fill in any cracks around windows or door openings.

Pay special attention to your log corners. There can often be small gaps here that require sealing. An extra benefit from this care will be lower utility bills as you eliminate the air transfer both in the cold winter months and in the heat of the summer, too. This improves the energy efficiency of your cabin.

Ensuring that you have good screens on all of your doors and cabin windows is another way to keep out any insects that may want to creep inside.

Cut Back Vegetation

Have a good walk around the outside of your cabin and make sure that you don’t have places that might harbor spiders close to your logs. Pay attention to areas such as these and cut them back or eliminate them altogether:

  • Wood piles
  • Brush
  • Tree limbs
  • Other vegetation

Keeping the outside clear of close-lying vegetation is a good strategy for your cabin landscaping anyway. Spiders are attracted to bright lights at night. If possible, use yellow lights or sodium vapor lights on the cabin exterior - or do without lights at all.

Spray Lemon Scent

Some people report good results using lemon-scented Pledge sprayed around door and window openings, claiming that spiders hate the smell of lemon and this will deter them from making entry into your cabin.

Obviously this won’t last forever so you would need to maintain a regular schedule to be effective, but this can be a good natural way to combat intrusion without using chemicals.

Treat Logs with Cypermethrin

An effective, but aggressive way to address the problem is to use a spider repellant such as Miss Muffet’s Revenge. This is mixed in a solution and sprayed onto your log walls using a battery-powered sprayer built into the handle for quick results.

This won’t stain your logs. The instructions state that you should spray a 4”-wide band as a barrier zone.

Miss Muffet's Revenge spider treatment

DemonMax cypermethrin insecticide

The important thing is using a product that contains the active ingredient cypermethrin as this has been found to be the most effective against spiders. Another plus is that cypermethrin will also treat other insects, which has the benefit of eliminating the spiders food source.

DemonMax Insecticide has a high level of cypermethrin and is very effective against not only spiders but other insects as well. This concentrate makes up to 32 gallons of finished spray and is best applied with a handheld portable sprayer.

Keeping your log home free of spiders can feel like one more chore you’d rather not face, but regular upkeep and careful planning as part of your ongoing log cabin maintenance will keep your cabin pest-free. Check out our page about dealing with log homes and termites, too.

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