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Log Cabin Connection Homepage

Log Cabin Connection Homepage

The Log Cabin Connection Blog

The Log Cabin Connection Blog page

Cabin Shop - Buy Now!

The Log Cabin Blog

Log Cabin Design

Log Cabin Home Design

Aging In Place and Universal Design Tips

Log Cabin Design Tips

Log Styles: Making Sense of the Choices

Save Money on Your Cabin With Careful Design

Structural Ridge Beam: Tricks of the Trade

Calculating Roof Loads: Tricks of the Trade

Wiring Log Cabins: Tricks of the Trade

Efficient Cabin Windows: Tricks of the Trade

Install Log Siding: Tricks of the Trade

Ledger Boards on Log Homes: Tricks of the Trade

Cabin Building on a Slope: Tricks of the Trade

Tips for Building Stairs: Tricks of the Trade

The Wood Handbook - Wood as an Engineering Material

Log Home Systems - An Integrated Approach

Loft and Deck Railing Ideas and Designs

Using Milled Logs to Build your Log Cabin

Log Home Chinking Blocks Air & Moisture Infiltration

Log Standards for Log Structures

REScheck for Energy Code Compliance

Optimal Value Engineering Increases Energy Efficiency

Financing Your Log Cabin

Learn How You Can Finance a Log Home

Log Home Construction Loans Made Easy

List of Nationwide Log Home Lenders

Other Ways to Finance a Log Home

Ways to Save Money on your Mortgage

Log Home Insurance Offers Peace of Mind for your Dream Cabin

Mortgage Money-Saving Tips: Reduce the Cost of Your Mortgage

Home Financing Primer

Understanding the Cabin Mortgage Loan Process

Free Credit Score Calculator

Financing Your Log Cabin Renovations: A Guide

Log Cabin Floor Plans

Log Cabin Floor Plans Help You Envision Your Dream

Are Free Log Cabin Plans Available?

Design your own Cabin Floor Plans with Log Home Design Software

Maximize Design Efficiency with Small Cabin Plans

Log Home Plans for Large and Small Cabins

The Best Cabin Floorplan Design Ideas

Cabin Interior Design

Cabin Interior Design Blends Form and Function

Cabin Kitchen Countertop Choices and Features

Granite Countertops Set the Standard for Excellence

Wood Burning Stoves & Fireplaces for your Cozy Country Cabin

Log Accents for that Cabin Feel

A Cabin Loft Creates a Cozy and Creative Space

Cabin Bathroom Ideas for a Practical, Rustic Design

Log Cabin Building

All About Building a Log Cabin

Install Utilities Before Construction Begins

Janka Hardness Scale for Hardwood Flooring

Log Cabin Flooring Options

Hardwood Flooring Styles

Best Log Fasteners to Use

Unique Log Home Building Tools

Prepare for your Log Home Package

Be Your Own General Contractor and Save Money

Sample Contract Specifications

Source For Cheap Hardwood Flooring

Cabin Roofing Choices for Durability and Rustic Appeal

Log Home Building Schools

Build it Right With These Log Cabin Building Tips

Efficient Building with SIPs

PEX Tubing is Ideal for Radiant Floor Heating

Bamboo Flooring is Comfortable and Sustainable

Radiant Floor Heating Provides Comfort and Convenience

Reclaimed Wood Carries the Rich Patina of Time

Contractors Insurance is Your Protection Against Liability

Working with Subcontractors

Specialty Log Tools for Peeling Logs

Log Screws are Strong and Versatile

Septic Permit Process Includes Soil Percolation Test and Site Visit

Small Cabins

The Small Cabin Lifestyle

Small Cabin Energy Needs

Small Cabin Heating

Small Cabin Energy Storage

Small Cabin Site Prep

Small Cabin Water Supply

Small Cabin Power Generation

How to Build a Small Log Cabin

Pallet Cabins - DIY an Affordable Small Cabin

Free Small Cabin Plans for DIY

Tiny Cabins Reduce Cost and Waste

Small Log Cabin Kits Are Affordable and Eco-Friendly

Energy Efficiency

Are Log Homes Energy Efficient?

Tips for Building an Energy-Efficient Log Home

Thermal Mass of Logs Explained

Thermal Bypass Checklist Guide

Green Building

Green Building Guidelines Can Help You Be More Efficient

Six Key Aspects of Green Building

Log Cabins are the Ultimate Green Building

Tips for Green Building

What is Greenwashing?

Build a High-Performance House!

Solar Power Saves Money and Resources

Decorating a Log Cabin

All About Decorating a Log Cabin

Designing the Perfect Fireplace

Building a Stone Fireplace

Iron Railings for Log Cabins

Best Log Cabin Light Fixtures

Can't Afford to Build Now? Redecorate Cheaply with these Tips

Smart Storage Ideas

A Guide to Choosing the Best Fireplace Stone

Creating the Log Cabin Look

Cabin Ceiling Fans are Efficient

A Fireplace Mantel: The Heart of your Hearth

Log Cabin Decor: Styles and Themes

A Guide to Your Cabin Fireplace

Rugged Cabin Hardware Complements Logs

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas

Log Home Inspection

Special Considerations When Inspecting a Log Cabin

A Home Inspection for New Buyers Will Add Reassurance

Take Along this Detailed Cabin Inspection Checklist

Cabin Exterior Inspection Tips

Building Inspectors Enforce Local Building Codes

Log Home Kits

Log Cabin Kits are Convenient and Ready to be Assembled

Tips to Save Money on Your Log Cabin Kit

Learn How to Evaluate a Log Cabin Kit For Sale

How Much Do Log Home Packages Cost?

Save Money Using a Barn Kit

A Log Home Kit is Your Cabin In One Package

Small Log Cabin Kits Are Affordable and Eco-Friendly

Modular Log Homes

Modular Log Homes and Prefab Log Cabins

Prefab Log Homes for Efficient Cabin Building

Modular Construction Timeline for Log Homes

Modular Cabin Construction Timeline Graphic 

Log Cabin Mobile Homes

Cabin Manufacturers

Log Home Manufacturers - How Do You Choose?

Log Cabin Companies Can Supply You With Your Dream Cabin

Log Cabin Suppliers Provide the Necessary Parts

Log Home Landscaping

Landscaping for Log Homes

Outdoor Rooms Can Expand Your Living Space

Enjoy Al Fresco Dining with an Outdoor Kitchen

Add a Water Feature For An Oasis of Calm

Buying Land

Learn All The Details of Buying Land

Financing Land: A Complex Transaction

Government Land Sales of Surplus Property

Public Land Sales Offer Undeveloped Property

Federal Lands For Sale at Government Auctions

Sloping Property Considerations


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Payment Page for Log Cabin Connection

Log Cabin Maintenance

Log Cabin Maintenance and Issues Unique to Log Homes

Top 6 Spring Maintenance Tips

Log Stain Tips for Log Cabins

Composite Decking FAQs

Fall Cabin Maintenance Guide

Identify and Treat Termites in Log Homes

How To Deal With Spiders and Log Homes

Log Cabin Rentals

Honeymoon Cabin Rentals and Romantic Cabin Getaways

Log Cabin Rental in Gatlinburg, TN and Pigeon Forge, TN

Log Cabin Rentals Offer Adventure and Comfort

Log Cabin Rentals are a Chance to Try Before You Buy

Earn Income with Cabin Vacation Rentals

See a Sample Cabin Rental Agreement

Renting Your Cabin for Profit

Buying an Investment Log Cabin

Log Home Community

Link Up with the Log Home Community

The Log and Timber Home Show - Premier Marketplace for Log Home Kits

Cabin Blogs, Forums and Directories Connect You On-line

Cabin Restoration

Cabin Restoration Tips to Make Your Log Home Look New Again

Cabin Repair - An Introduction to the Causes of Log Home Deterioration

Cabin Restoration Glossary: A Lexicon of Log Home Repair

Log Repair, Log Restoration and Replacement

Education and Resources

Log Home Education

Log Cabin FAQs

Log Cabin Glossary Defines Common Terms

Recommended Reading in the Virtual Library

Solo Build It! Helped Create This Site

Build Your Own Online Business With SBI!

Log Home Articles

Log Cabin Book Reviews

Log Home Secrets of Success: An Insider's Guide to Making Your Dream Home a Reality

Alaska Log Building Construction Guide

Crafting Log Homes Solar Style: An Inspiring Guide to Self-Sufficiency

Local Builders

Local Cabin Builders in Murphy, NC

Pictures of Local Log Cabins

Log Cabin Home Builders in Western North Carolina

Western North Carolina:Mountain Culture and Indian History

10 Great Reasons To Buy A Log Home

Log Cabin Articles and Stories

Log Cabins, by Mike and Sue Lemmon

Rustic Decorating Ideas: Designing Outdoor Living Spaces, by Jacqui Barnett

Choosing Log Home Floor Plans, by Tom Heatherington

Choosing Shutters For Your Log Cabin, by Jack Oldham

Restoring a Heritage Log Cabin - A Labour of Love, by Victoria Gazeley

Renovate a Heritage Log Cabin Interior - DIY Style

9 Interesting Facts About Log Cabins, by John Devlin

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Disclaimer for Log Cabin Connection Website

Who Is Log Cabin Connection?

General Disclosure Policy for Log Cabin Connection

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Education and Resources

Log Home Education
Log Cabin FAQs
Cabin Glossary Defines Common Terms
Recommended Reading -- Virtual Library
Site Build It! Helped Create This Site
Build Your Own Online Business With SBI!
Log Home Articles
Link Up with the Log Home Community
The Log and Timber Home Show
Cabin Blogs, Forums and Directories
Local Builders in Murphy North Carolina
Pictures of Log Cabins
Log Cabin Home Builder in North Carolina
Western North Carolina: Mountain Culture
10 Great Reasons To Buy A Log Home
Log Cabin Book Reviews
Log Home Secrets of Success
Alaska Log Building Construction Guide
Crafting Log Homes Solar Style
Restoring a Heritage Log Cabin
Renovate a Heritage Log Cabin Interior - DIY Style
9 Interesting Facts About Log Cabins

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