Pictures of Log Cabins

We’ve included a few pictures of log cabins and log home interior details to show the work of local builders in Murphy, NC. Photos do not adequately convey the warm, down-home appeal of a log home in the mountains, but these log cabin photos will give you an idea of what careful craftsmen can do.

pictures of log cabins image1 pictures of log cabins image2
Log Cabin Bedroom Log Cabin Stairway

pictures of log cabins image3 pictures of log cabins image4
Cabin Entry Cabinet Doors made from Log Slabs

pictures of log cabins image5 pictures of log cabins image6
Log Home Entry Cozy Cabin Kitchen

pictures of log cabins image7 pictures of log cabins image8
Rail Detail Stone Fireplace

pictures of log cabins image9 pictures of log cabins image10
Mountain Cabin 12-Foot Wide Porches

pictures of log cabins image11 pictures of log cabins image12
Log Cabin Loft Bathroom Vanity

pictures of log cabins image13 pictures of log cabins image14
Iron Railing Stairway Cabin In The Woods

These log cabin photos provide a glimpse of the care and attention to detail that goes into building a log home.

Please contact Log Cabin Connection if you would like to know more about building a log cabin in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina.

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