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We are now accepting ads on a very limited basis. They must be relevant and useful, targeting people interested in log cabins and all things related to the log home experience.

We have several options available to advertise with us and reach hundreds of unique visitors every day.

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If you would like to see your targeted ad in a 125 x 125 button (example to the right) featured in our all new right-hand column, we are now offering special ad space where it will best be seen by readers who have demonstrated their interest in log homes, energy efficiency, green building techniques and rustic design and decoration.

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Catch the eye of an informed potential customer with one of our featured links. Your link will be embedded in one of our content pages which are designed to educate and enlighten the log home community.

An example of a featured link would be this embedded link to our payment page showing prices.

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We are offering limited space for horizontal banner ads (468 x 60 example above) or vertical banner ads (120 x 240 example below). You choose the page you would like to see your banner ad displayed and we will let you know if the page is available.

Having your dynamic, relevant ad supported by our contextual, informative content allows our savvy readers to act immediately to click on your ad if they are interested in the service or product you are offering.

Examples of banner ads include the 468 x 60 banner above and the 120 x 240 banner below:

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Text-Linked Content Pages

How about providing your own unique content? Another option is for you to supply us with a page of original, informational content or an article about a relevant log home topic on which you are an expert.

If we determine that your material is enlightening and educational to our readers we will host your page, link to it from our pages and provide you with 2 links back to your website from your page.

A custom, informative guide, content page or article is a creative way for us to work together to provide more resources to consumers who are looking for ideas for living the log cabin lifestyle.

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Log Home Lender Ad

Reach a motivated and informed group of potential log home buyers through Log Cabin Connection's nationwide list of log home lenders.

If you are a lender who is familiar with log cabin and log home building loans and has the background and experience to help make someone's log home dreams a reality, Log Cabin Connection has a special lowered ad rate for you.

You can see examples of these ads on our log home lenders page.

Click if you are considering placing a log home lender ad.

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